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Alicia L.L. Brine
Artist | Student | Literature
Hey there! I'm Kittys-yay. You can call me Kits, Kittys, KZ, Kitty, or Kitkat.

I like to read and write as well as draw. I post of lot of art on here but I write more in real life. It's just a matter of typing it up and posting here. My goal in life is to become a published author. I plan on publishing Personal Enemy and then the rest of my story ideas.

Be aware I am a lesbian. I support both yaoi and yuri, though for obvious reasons I enjoy yuri more. I'm always open to rp, just check out my rp information.

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Stories by me:
:bulletred:Fate's Thread Series: Kailin was just a normal average girl. All she wanted was a bit of excitement or a small adventure. NOT THIS. Now she's tangled up in a plot against the king and she has to work with the princess to stop it or else Ignus, the enemy of Sanitor, will destroy everything they value. Can Kailin do it? Or will she run away and watch some anime? Who knows! Only the Guardians know.
[Contains Lesbians, Vampires, and a lot of feels and plot twists. You have been warned]

:bulletgreen: TDF - The Defence Force: A unknown threat threatens to take down the kingdom of Imperon and the queen gathers together 5 of the best warriors in all of Santha. The 5 warriors work together to stop this unknown threat, but little do they know this threat is bigger than they thought, leading them back to the ancient times when the Lanthieans lived. [Contains Yuri/Lesbian Romance and Yaoi/Gay romance.]

:bulletpink: Soul Switch :
FF 13 Fanfiction. Fang X Vanille. Farroncest. Fang and Lightning woke up like any other day only to find that things aren't like any other day. And it seems there's no immediate way to fix this! So they're stuck like this and who knows how long it's going to take.

:bulletyellow:Afraid Of The Dark : Janis is scared. Not of dogs, not of spiders, nor of heights... but rather.. of the dark. She says things are in the dark. Monsters that tower over you with piercing red eyes. Monsters that seek to tear you limb from limb.... and yet. Not a single soul besides Janis has seen these monsters. Which leads many to wonder, is the girl just crazy? Or perhaps is there truth behind her words?


To Ride A Dragon
Crimson Cruz
The Void
Dragon Tear
Under Yellow Eyes

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I was tagged by my bestie ValkenhaynDornez but I never got around to doing this.


-pick one of your OCs. 
-fill in the questions and statements as if you were your OC.
-tag 4 people to do this meme. 
-tell people they've been tagged with a link to your journal.

I'll pick Darkiea. I don't have her reference up on DA yet because I wanted to do her profile so you get to have a sneak peak at her look. 

1) What is your name?

My name is Darkiea. But don't call me that peasant for I am a queen to you.


2) Do you know why you're named that?

Because my mother gave me a random name.


3) Are you single or taken?

(for this question there's actually multiple versions of Darkiea with different relationships but for simplicities sake I shall go with single.)

If I can't trust anyone to be my friend how can I trust a significant other?

4) have any abilities or powers?

-Scoffs- Of course! I'll have you know I was trained by the very best. I'm skilled in swordsman ship and magic. 


5) Stop being a Mary Sue!

Did I just hear a peasant order me around? Do you want a death wish? BECAUSE THAT'S HOW YOU GET AN EXECUTION.


6) What's your eye color?

Red. Technically speaking if we're talking about the shade it's Carmine red. (Or I think so. I had a bunch of red references that got jumbled up so I picked the colour closet to her eye colour.)


7) How about hair color?

Black. What's the purpose of these questions? Can't you see my damn hair is black?


8) Have you any family members?

Wouldn't you like to know?


9) Oh? What about pets?

I have a pet dragon but she does her own thing so she's not around often. In fact last I saw her was about a century or so ago.


10) Oh, that's cool. What about things you don't like?

I don't like all these questions how about that?


11) Do you have any activities/hobbies you like to do?

Well besides pestering peasants like you, not really. (That's a lie she enjoys making weapons and armour as well as reading.)


13) Ever... Killed anyone before?

What kind of question is that? OF COURSE! I slaughter those who get in my path. Let that be a lesson for you. Don't cross me peasant.


14) What kind of animal are you?

Okay looks like magic has messed you up. I'll not be answering that stupid question.


15) Name your worst habits.

I don't have a worst habit. (another lie. Darkiea has a large ego and she's quite aggressive that both cause her to get into fights. So I guess starting fights?)


16) Do you look up to anyone at all?

Does my self count?


17) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW? (Darkiea's gay but she's not particularly seeking out anyone because of trust issues)


18) Do you go to school?

School? No. I never went. I had a mentor though.


19) Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

As if. All those do is bring you down. Don't trust anyone.


20) Have any fangirls/fanboys?

No but I have a lot of people who strongly dislike me. They dislike me so much they got together and started a rebellion.


21) What are you most afraid of?

Nothing. (She's scared of the past and being betrayed)


23) What's one food that temps you?

Food? Tempting me? That's not a thing that happens. But there is one food I do really enjoy.... BUT THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.


24) Am I annoying you?

Yes you are peasant.


25) well were not done yet!

By the guardians. Can I kill you?


26) What class are you? (Upper, judge, lower?)

There should be another class there. I'm royal you idiot. While technically that's still upper class but it should have it's own class.


27) how many friends do you have?

Friends? FRIENDS!? BAH! Who needs friends? All they do is betray you.


28) What are your thoughts on pie?

Pie is okay depending on the type. I personally enjoy spiced pumpkin pie. It's rare around these parts seeing as we import pumpkins.


30) Favorite drink?

Tea is quite nice. 


31) What's your favorite place?

The Split peak mountains are nice around this time of the year. The snow is just starting to melt and I think I might visit there sometime soon.


32) Are you interested in anyone?

I'm interested in crushing the rebels but otherwise no.


33) That was a stupid question.

Yes. Yes it was.


34) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

I don't really swim. Seeing as how I wear armour most of the time it's kind of hard.


35) What's your type?

What are you babbling on about? 


36) Any fetishes?

I have no idea what you're going on about.


37) Seme or uke?

Seriously what are these terms? 


38) Camping or indoors?

I like camping more than indoors. Not to say that the indoors are bad. But outside I have more freedom. And I can fight things without collateral damage.

Now for tagging~ Now mind you none of you have to do this.


Think I did everything.

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